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Teenager Someone Does Care 

First published in 1984 the Teenager, Someone Does Care book has been greatly used of God to bring thousands and thousands of teenagers to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Over 500,000 copies of this book have been circulated worldwide. During several years of our public school assemblies and through two national TV specials we were able to track the effectiveness of Teenager, Someone Does Care. When mailed to a teen's home or handed directly to them with out a band of friends around—1 in 5 teens would read it and trust Christ. Answering the demands of today’s teenage world we have reduced the book to a multi-page pamphlet for easier reading AND a straight-forward, direct approach to the challenges today’s teenagers face and features the Romans Road to salvation.You will never again be able to say, “But what can I do” regarding the ills facing our children today. You can simply hand them or mail them a TSDC pamphlet!

TSDC Podcast 

The weekly TSDC podcast speaks directly to the challenges facing today’s teenagers. It challenges them to take a good hard look at the issues of the day, the personal challenges they are facing and about their eternity. They are NOT hopeless nor is their life meaningless. Through the 47 years of our experience working with teens and the testimonies of dramatically changed lives kids find the answers they are looking for.


Click here to listen to the TSDC weekly Podcast!


Stand in the Gap Pac!


Pac Includes

2 Yard Signs

2 Bumper Stickers

2 Wrist Bands

10 Teenager Someone Does Care Six Page Pamphlet

For a gift of $75 or more

Free Shipping Included

82629_Kids_Sign 24x18.jpg
2x Yard Signs

KLM Yard Sign 


Single Yard Sign

For a gift of $35,00

includes est. shipping of $15

82629_Kids_Sign 24x18.jpg

TSDC Pamphlets

TSDC Pamphlets

$1 each plus 55cent postage

Package of 10 

for a gift of $12.50

includes $2.50 postage

82629_Kids_Bumper Sticker 10x3.jpg
2x Bumper Stickers
2x Wrist Bands

KLM Bumper Sticker 


Single Bumper Sticker

For a gift of $10 

includes est. shipping of $3

82629_Kids_Bumper Sticker 10x3.jpg

KLM Wrist Bands 


Single Wrist Band

For a gift of $7.00

Includes est. shipping of $2.50

10x TSDC Pamphlet

For larger quantities and church/group distribution call: 

1-800-VICTORY (800-842-8679)

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